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July 2016 Open House - Queens University Research Display Boards


  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) was used to evaluate changing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by substituting fossil fuels with alternative low carbon fuels (LCF) at the Lafarge Bath plant
  • Four low‐carbon alternative fuels (LCFs) were considered:  construction & demolition (C&D) waste, railway ties, asphalt shingles (all tested) and plastics (only modelled)
  • Three new feedstocks, including ragger‐tails (close to C&D waste), K‐cups (close to plastics), and other fibrous materials (close to railway ties) are now being modelled
  • Three landfill options were considered:  Scenario 1 (no flaring or energy generation), Scenario 2 (100% landfill gases flared to reduce methane), and Scenario 3 (75% landfill gas captured and energy produced)
  • Best results were found with C&D waste being diverted from a typical landfill with no flaring or energy generation facilities; up to 87% of emissions could be avoided with 100% C&a...
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